The reliable concrete specialists for dairy farms Australia wide

We are professional concrete specialists that focus on dairy farms and farming communities Australia wide, and focus on Rotary Concreting. We know the ins and outs of farms and farmers' requirements for everything from cow sheds to stables and we are proud to provide specialist services of this nature.

Our team is fully qualified and trained, and adhere to all industry standards for quality and safety. If you're thinking about laying new concrete, talk to the team at Australian Dairy Concreting.

concrete shed in Australia

Concrete services

It is so important that you trust your concrete specialist because knowing the surfaces you have means ensuring that no safety, health or farming operations are negatively impacted. Grooves in concrete lessen the amount of times cows slip, but it can impede water flow across the yard, which in turn means it hampers efficiency and you end up needing more water. Deep grooves take longer to clean and narrow grooves have no effect on grip for cows. Save money with us!

Concrete surface in cow shed


Our Australia wide concrete services are specifically tailored to accommodate all dairy farms and farming communities. We assess land configurations, farming systems, livestock and more. We make sure that our concrete services are beneficial in every way possible. We can help with: 

  • Cow sheds
  • Stables
  • Paths
  • Driveways
Concrete pavement

Concrete that is built to last

At Australian Dairy Concreting we use only the best products available on the market.

Like our services, we spare nothing on quality because we care about the level of work we produce, that is why we are trusted specialists for concrete Australia wide.

When you come to us, we show you why we're worth it, so give us call today to find out what Australian Dairy Concreting can do for you.